Spying at Work — espionage, who, how, why, how to stop it

www.globalchange.com Spying at work, industrial espionage, how data is stolen, data leakage, discovery before patent protection, intellectual capital theft, client data losses, blackmail of banks after penetration of data security systems, databases and confidential information. Why attacks are common. Methods used to attack corporations. Why greatest security risks are your own employees own staff leaving or leaking information while still in your corporation. Bugging devices detection, remote listening devices. Big Brother is watching you. MI5, CIA, KGB have powers to intercept phone calls, e-mail, video, fax and data transmissions to prevent crime, terrorism and subversive activity, and similar technology can be used to target legitimate business. Data protection and confidentiality. Steps business leaders need to take to improve own security and manage risk. Rule Number 1 is be aware that greatest risks are usually internal. Video by keynote conference speaker Dr Patrick Dixon, Futurist and author of 12 books on global trends including Futurewise and Building a Better Business. Security, data loss, intellectual capital, patents, theft, industrial espionage, threat, risk, corporations, databases,, intercept, listening devices, bugging detection, spying corporations, protection information

15 thoughts on “Spying at Work — espionage, who, how, why, how to stop it

  1. These legal things are one of the scariest things business.

    Anyway it very easy for any web savy person to dump data on the web anonymously on the web.
    Computer hacking by professional programmings are know official means of modern warfare and terrorism.

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  3. As a security professional at a large silcon valley firm, I recognize the challenges that is faced by companies trying to protect their proprietary information. Indeed the employees seem to be clueless and insensitive to matters regarding security.

  4. Patrick, have you heard of BT Webwise?

    In the UK, 70% of your unencrypted interactions with your customers will be intercepted, sold as commercial intelligence to a marketing company, and used to strip your business away through competitive advertising.

    The advertising is targeted at your prospects/customers using keywords scraped from your own web site.

    And your consent for this travesty, according to the UK Home Office, can be “implied” because you created a web site.

    Use SSL now.

  5. BT Webwise is a voluntary opt-in service. But you are correct that all kinds of information is being collected on sites your computer has visited which can be used in targetted advertising – some search engines use this methodology or are planning to.

  6. Its not opt in; consumers must retain an “opt out” cookie, web sites must beg Phorm to be excluded.

    The industrial espionage concern is that for ecommerce firms, and products/services firms with a web site, as much as 70% of your unencrypted web communication with your customers in the UK is being exploited to identify and target your customers with ads for your competitors.

    So, for example, if you sell widgets BT Webwise allows your competitors to target ads for widgets to your customers.

  7. assassination, episonage is nothing like james bond theres no such thing like sleeping with hot russian ladys and sipping martini’s the cia does 18% espionage and the same with MI-5 and MI-6

  8. Are those official statistics? How do you know the percentage of actual espionage is what you said.

    I agree espionage doesn’t get you hot women in bed and most agents aren’t top model looking people because they would attract attention.

    The key point of espionage is discreation, commiting an illegal act without exposure.

  9. thanks for this patrick!! Very interesting..all writers take note..theres a lot to be said for longhand!!

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