Hiding Audio Recording Devices In CFL Bulbs

More Info at www.blackwaterops.com Old incandescent bulbs weren’t easy to hide listening devices in, but Compact Fluorescence have a large base that offers power, and space to hide audio devices that can either re-broadcast, or record the audio from a conversation. Did you install that bulb? Or Did somebody else? Are you sure? This information provided for recreational use only. This information can be used to improve your security, it is not to be used for illegal activity.

11 thoughts on “Hiding Audio Recording Devices In CFL Bulbs

  1. Im glad i found someone who knows light bulbs can be turned in to listening devices. I found one in my living room and one in my kitchen. I had some suspicions that someone was listening in on me in my home. I couldn’t find anything, and then i noticed a light bulb that i didn’t install. I smashed it in towel and there it was! I was terrified.

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