GPS Tracker – How it works?

GPS Tracker – How it works?

15 thoughts on “GPS Tracker – How it works?

  1. My cell carrier is Sprint.Can I purchase the cheapest plan from them so the
    sim card will be dedicated to the tracker and I will have my phone to track

  2. I stopped at my sprint store and asked if I could use the sim card from my
    Samsung note 2 android like you advised . They said that phone does not
    have a sim card ,what are my options ?

  3. So can you just use an old sims card from a phone that is not activated?
    I’m just a bit confused, do you have to pay for it to activate like a cell
    phone, or is it free and acts sort of like a pager?

  4. got the tracker set up, will send and reply with text however the map
    coords are all zero’s N0.000000,E0.000000 have tried 2 differnt sim cards
    with same results. we are loacted in Dallas. any ideas? thanks

  5. hello, do i need a data plan for gps?? that is expensive! i would like
    to purchase an att go phone sim card at only 10 / month. is that fine?? 

  6. Hi, can the device send location information using GPRS data rather than
    SMS message? So that I can receive the lat and long using a website. –
    Thanks :)

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