~Gang Stalking Sucks~

Please read the description in the original link: www.youtube.com I have found that criminals, drug dealers in my experience, if you accidently say or do something wrong around one of their psychopathic relatives, they will gangstalk you. If you are involved with people like that in your workplace, your employer, for example driving tractor trailers interstate and mess with them, they will gangstalk you and workplace mob you. Drug dealers are very paranoid and use surveillence cameras, listening devices, such as clock radios, laser listening devices to hear your conversations through the vibrations of your window, they will tap your phone, probably tap your internet connection, (heck, the mexican maintenence guy used to tap my bedroom window the minute I want to bed, night or day!); they get sooooooo paranoid when you hide their drug loads for even twenty minutes. I never touched their dope, just was pissed off at all that gangstalking, harrassment was intense, everywhere you go you are watched and sometimes people dissing you behind your back. Most people have a hard time doing a search, here, let me do it for you: www.bing.com Read the description in the above video, they do move in and around where you live, and guess what, law enforcement all the way to Virginia and Washington, Deceit do the same. Hitlers brownshirts used to gangstalk, thank goodness our Corrupt Congress has renewed the Patriot Act. Hitler would have been so proud!: One of the lovely provisions in the

3 thoughts on “~Gang Stalking Sucks~

  1. Thanks, Don’t get Paranoid is the point~Death is ultimate? Life is Great, but has it’s highs-Lows, but imagine going throu life being safe all the time, in the medium, fearing DeAth, Traveling the highways on your I-pod, not even to notice the bare foot Woman climbing the mountain in pain? That would be degenerate Matter?

  2. @killgreed Tnank you brother, homeless guy got to go brown trout fishing above redding, got to walk the beautiful trails in the siskiou’s while I was working my horrible graveyard shift driving truck to methford, oregon, barefoot women, I guess I was in the dark.

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