CIA Laser Listener

H. Keith Melton interview on the laser bounce listening device used by the CIA. The CIA’s version used an embedded prism in the target window. If you have access to the target window, you can get a similar result by spraying certain brands of hair spray (AquaNet) on it. When the hair spray dries, it acts as a sort of retro-reflector and is fairly unnoticeable. Make your own Microwave versions (still experimental gear).

15 thoughts on “CIA Laser Listener

  1. I built one that doesn’t need a prism. I can hear inside a window without being directly across from it.
    Not telling how I did it though 🙂
    I’ll be producing them for sale soon.

  2. the prism is used when you don’t have the ability to be at the level to catch the return beam. the prism sends the light back up the path it came

  3. H. Keith Melton has a cool name and puts out a good vibe for these kinds of programs, but, dude, you should exchange the word ” Led Light ” for ” Infrared ” and I swear your flowers will stink more happy for you. I know, I know, but you really just need to go wid it.

  4. I’ve experimented with this set-up before, and it works! The sound was a little distorted on the receiver, but it sounded like Led Zeppelin!

  5. they used to sell these kits in the back of popular mechanics in the 1990’s, you could build one for under 300 bucks of you had a decent knowledge of electronics.
    you dont need to work for CIA, this is pretty simple.

  6. I’m building one now for a Capstone project for school. Check out the Evil Genius Electronic Gadgets. Circuits schematics and all.

  7. It should be possible to use a sort of small telescope to pick up the laser from the window and filter out all wavelengths but the relevanty one. Which would be a wavelength not seen by the human eye obviously.

  8. Spy shops sell thses for -obscene- amounts, but any hobbyist can make one for a hundred bucks give or take.

    The usual way used no to catch the return beam is with a parabola.

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